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Mission:Test Taking Success

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Prepare students for test day success with this all inclusive packet!

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TOP SECRET: Action Plan

MISSION: Test-Taking Success

With the importance and pressures associated with standardized testing, my kiddos are losing their cool. Some are starting to let anxiety kick in.

I want to shift the mindset majority of my students have of testing from something scary and high stakes to just a mission they need to complete.

I hope to accomplish this by giving students an Action Plan, steps they can follow to successfully complete MISSION: Test-Taking Success. 

Included in this resource:
1) MISSION: Test-Taking Success 
10 page Story
-Step by step description of what to do on test day in order to complete Mission: Test-Taking Success. This is their action plan for success 

2) MISSION: Test-Taking Success 
Poster Set
-Each step of the story in poster form, clearly outlines action plan for the students

3) MISSION: Test-Taking Success 
Foldable and/or Cut & Glue Activity
-Interactive, engaging, hands on activity for students that teaches an action plan for how to have test day success

4) “How to Keep a Superhero Mindset” 
Managing Anxiety Poster Set 
-Teaches calm down strategies students can use on test day if anxiety or stress starts to take over

5) Managing Test Stress 
Foldable and/or Cut & Glue Activity

6) Is It Test Anxiety? 
Self Evaluation Quiz
-Lets students use reflection to gauge if they are having test anxiety 
*In no way a medical diagnosis

7) Five Types of Test Questions
Poster Set 
-Explanation and tips for different types of test questions such as multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, essay and matching

8) Inspirational Cards, Six Types
-Drop these cards off to students who need a little motivation or leave a note on each student's desk the morning of a test. Get creative!

I teach this lesson to my third, fourth and fifth graders during the upcoming week before testing begins.

This resource has immensely helped my students!

Mrs. Bell

The Crafty Counselor 

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