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Recess Planning Sheets

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For kids with social issues, recess can be the most stressful part of the school day. Use these planning sheets to boost their confidence by providing some structure and predictability.

Price: $2.50

If you’re like me, you spend waaaay more time than you’d like dealing with recess issues.  I have a slew of kiddos who are either trying to enter a group with all the finesse of a rhinoceros, or wandering around the periphery of the playground with no one to play with.  Other kids are getting mad at them, they’re getting into trouble, or they’re lonely and bored.  They need more effective strategies for making recess a success.

Enter the Recess Plan.  Kids who are armed with a specific plan of action for that unstructured time feel less anxious and more confident.  These plans have been particularly helpful for my students on the autism spectrum.

I’ve made several versions of the plan so you can choose the most appropriate: daily and weekly, color and black-and-white, with varying amounts of scaffolding to suit your student’s individual needs. You can write answers or draw them.  I’ve laminated a bunch so that we can simply write on them with dry erase markers and reuse them over and over.  Classroom teachers, playground aides, and behavior specialists are all finding them helpful!

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