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Kind or Unkind? Puzzles

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8 bright colored puzzles to help young children identify the difference between kind and unkind behavior at school.

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These bright colored puzzles are a fun way for young students to learn and review the difference between kind and unkind behaviors. After putting together the puzzle and revealing the scene, teachers or counselors can discuss the scene with students by asking the following questions…

1) Which characters are being kind? What are being unkind?
2) How are each of the characters feeling? 
3) What are the consequences of the characters making this choice?
4) What could each character do to make a better choice? (answer only if they are doing something rude or unkind)
5) Which characters would you like to have for a friend? 
6) Which characters would make others have happy or comfortable thoughts?
7) Which characters would make others have unhappy or uncomfortable thoughts?
8) Are the characters showing expected or unexpected behavior? 
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