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Scenes from Home: Identifying Expected & Unexpected Behaviors

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Help younger students think about the kinds of behaviors that are “expected” and “unexpected” in the home setting using these appealing worksheets. Great for familiarizing parents with the terminology as well!

Price: $3.50

One of my favorite things to teach about is the concept of expected versus unexpected behavior---what does “expected” mean, can it change from one person or situation to another, and how do people feel when someone is acting in an unexpected way? I’ve used these pages with whole-class lessons, in smaller groups, and with individual kids.

I did not include an answer key, since a behavior that is “unexpected” in one family (e.g., eating in the living room) can be considered “expected” in others. You can point out to kids that the exact same behavior can be considered expected in one setting, but unexpected in another. See if they can find a couple of examples where the same action is in two different pictures.

Includes 7 scenes:

Living room


Bedroom (2)


Neighborhood (2)

If you like this activity, please check out my other emotional regulation products. You may be particularly interested in Scenes from School, which is this same activity but with behaviors in four school settings.

Please visit my website, The School Counseling Files, to find lots of counseling ideas and resources, all of which are free. Happy counseling!   -Laurie Mendoza

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