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Problem Management Activity Cards

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Use this set of task cards to teach and reinforce these concepts:
-problems come in different sizes
-the size of your reaction should be proportionate to the size of the problem
-there’s often more than one possible response or solution to a problem

Price: $5.00

Do you have students who believe every tiny bump in the road is a major disaster, who can’t think of more than one solution to a problem, or who have huge upset reactions whether they have a hangnail or a death in the family?

Yeah, me too.  Quite a few, in fact.

These cards will help your students or clients learn about identifying the size of the problem, expected vs. unexpected reactions, reading visual cues, and generating multiple solutions to a problem.

Included are:
-36 Problem cards*
-18 Reaction cards (both positive and negative)
-36 Solution cards
-6 picture scenario cards
-6 blanks to make your own cards
-Instructions for seven individual and small group activities and data collection
*If you already have my Emotional Regulation Task Cards, no worries---these are all different problems and are also written in the second person instead of the third.

As always, I invite you to visit my website, School Counseling Files, for lots of free counseling resources and activities!

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