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Emotional Regulation Task Cards

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These 72 task cards will reinforce your teaching of emotional regulation skills and provide data on how your students are progressing in their understanding of important concepts.

Price: $5.00

Whether you’re using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking®, Leah Kuypers’ Zones of Regulation®, Mary Sue Williams’ and Sherry Shellenberger’s Alert® program, or Kari Dunn Burton’s Incredible 5-Point Scale®, these task cards will reinforce your teaching of emotional regulation skills and help you see how students are progressing in their understanding.  Here are just a few of the many ways you can use them:

-Incorporate cards into a traditional board game by requiring students to answer a question before taking  a turn, or create your own board game and use them as question cards  
-Explore the depth of students’ understanding by asking deeper follow-up questions for older kids or those with more experience with the concepts
-Play Scoot to get kids moving around the room
-Have teams compete to answer questions
Use for cooperative partner activities

And here’s a fabulous bonus: by recording students’ responses over time, you’ll have data about how well they’re learning each concept.  Operationally defining your students’ current level of performance and writing your progress notes will be so much easier!

-60 task cards with multiple choice questions on identifying feelings/levels of arousal, expected & unexpected behavior, size of the problem and size of reaction, triggers and self-calming strategies
-12 task cards with open response questions related to the same four categories
blank task cards to create your own questions
-2 blank answer sheets (one for 15 responses and one for 72 responses)
-answer key for multiple choice questions
-instructions for use, including suggestions for checking depth of understanding and recording & reporting student progress


A nice complementary product is my set of Problem Management Activity Cards.  Check them out!

As always, I invite you to visit my website, School Counseling Files, for lots of free counseling resources and activities!

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