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Cognitive Behavioral Triangle Worksheets

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The three points of the CBT Triangle demonstrate how thoughts, feelings, and actions all interact. Use these worksheets to help students see that changing their thoughts can change their feelings.

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     The three points of the “CBT triangle” include the thoughts, feelings, and actions that follow an event.  Something happens...we have a thought about it...which makes us feel a certain way...and then we react.  Many kids (and adults) think that the event itself creates their feelings, but it’s really their interpretation of the event that does so.  Helping them develop an awareness of the thought process that’s actually creating their feelings can help disrupt a negative behavioral cycle.


-brief instructions

-two sample worksheets with examples provided

-four worksheet variations so you can choose the one that best fits your student’s understanding:

1) the basic CBT triangle

2) the basic CBT triangle with language for processing an incident after the fact

3) the basic CBT triangle with an additional box for considering the outcome of one’s actions

4) the CBT triangle with space to brainstorm alternative ways of thinking about the event, how each would change one’s feelings and actions, and what the possible outcome would be for each alternative

-a poster with a CBT mantra, “Changing your thinking can change how you’re feeling”

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