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Friend Zone: How to Make and Keep Friends

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Activities and printables to teach students how to make and keep friends!

Price: $4.00

This product contains activities for teaching elementary-aged students what a friend is, how to make a friend, and how to keep a friend! The activities are perfect for individual student counseling or small groups. In this pack you'll get:

Section 1:

-Hypothesize: What is a friend like? handout (color and black/white)

-FRIEND acrostic poster/visual aid

-FRIEND acrostic o-ring book (color and black/white)

-"A Friend" tree map handout

-Character vs. appearance poster/visual aid

-Choosing friends poster/visual aid

Character vs. appearance cut and sort handout

Section 2:

-Hypothesize: How do you make a friend? handout (color and black/white)

-Steps to making a friend poster/visual aid

-Steps to making a friend o-ring book (color and black/white)

-"Making a friend" tree map

-Dos and Don'ts of making a friend cut and sort handout

-Desired characteristics of a friend handout (color and black/white)

-Wanted poster

Section 3:

-Hypothesize: How do you keep a friend? handout (color and black/white)

-Keeping a friend poster/visual aid

-Keeping a friend flip book (color and black/white)

-Resolving conflict with a friend tabbed folder printables (color and black/white)

-Friend vs. Foe cut and sort handout

-What would you do? 8 friendship scenario cards

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