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Mapping Me: Feelings and Memory Worksheets inspired by Pixar’s “Inside Out”

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These twelve worksheets all use different ways to get at children’s memories---good and bad---and the emotions they’ve attached to them. I made them after seeing Pixar’s "Inside Out," but they can be used without referencing the movie.

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Like many counselors, I rushed to see Inside Out as soon as it was released. I loved much of it, and was excited by the many ways in which the movie could be a jumping off point for teaching about feelings.  I made eleven worksheets to help kids tap into their memories and the feelings associated with them.
What I did not love about Inside Out was that Riley is completely under the control of her feelings.  She has no agency over her own actions; she’s at the mercy of whichever feeling is at the “control board.”  This goes against what I teach kids every day.  Consequently, I also made a “Taking Charge of the Control Board” worksheet to reinforce the idea that changing your thoughts can change your feelings.

     Use these pages with or without referencing the movie, though the work is much more fun with it!

     Please visit my website, The School Counseling Files, to check out many other counseling activities and resources, all of which are free!

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