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Perspective-Taking Comics: Expected & Unexpected Behaviors

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Engage students & reinforce the concepts of expected/unexpected behavior, understanding others' point of view, and considering how one's actions impact others using these fun comics!

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One of my favorite things to teach about is the concept of expected versus unexpected behavior---what does “expected” mean, can it change from one person or situation to another, and how do people feel when someone is acting in an unexpected way?  And what more engaging way to reinforce these concepts than through comics?

These worksheets are compatible with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking®, Leah Kuypers’ Zones of Regulation®, and PBIS concepts, though you don't need to be teaching these approaches to find this exercise useful. 

Included are 10 sheets that ask students to think about a character’s behavior in a situation and how that behavior makes others think and feel.  There are differing amounts of drawing required, from none at all (where the student simply fills in the thought and speech bubbles) to completely student-drawn.  Pick the ones appropriate for the student or group you are working with.

If you are working with younger students who find writing a struggle, you may prefer my Scenes From School Cartoons.  Children only have to circle or “X” the expected and unexpected behaviors, and color the pictures.

Please visit my website at for loads more counseling resources and activities, all of which are free!

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